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Our services

If this is the case then our services will be suitable to tackle your tasks with optimum results.

With nearly 20 years of professional experience we have become experts in the following specialised fields.

However, first have a look at our special strong points.

  • Generation of new ideas, development and design of high quality innovative products in the field of stainless steel sheeting, including professional cooking appliances such as top class Combi-Steamers and their accessories.

  • In the design of sheet metal parts we achieve optimal results considering the subsequent production because our input consists of the following expertise and principles:

  • As a fundamental rule of final design we strictly observe the sheet metal properties and costs as well as production process safety

  • Design details in line with the rules of cutting, bending and deep drawing

  • Optimised design by application of the rules of modern welding methods aiming at the elimination of mechanical cleaning of welded seams

  • Basically with each design we observe the target of low production cost, but at the same time we never forget to look at a pleasant appearance (affordable design). This principle is highly appreciated by our clients!

  • Assembly, testing and optimising of prototypes all the way up to the serial version, including the development of suitable cutting tools and tools for automatic sheet metal processing as well as automatic welding and assembly facilities etc.

  • Management and conduct of value analysis projects aiming at the decrease of production costs but also aiming at the improvement of function and quality as well as adequate design work.

  • Research and development of optimal thermal systems for cooking of all kind of food stuffs as well as for baking processes.

  • Using of catalytic converter technology for effective reducing of food and cooking odours.

  • We have specialised experience at our disposal in the application of the peltier technology in the development of cooling devices as well as in combined cooling/warming devices.

  • Revision of existing products aiming at optimised market acceptance in local and export markets, especially in view of achieving official safety and hygiene approvals (e. g. UL, NSF etc.).--> We make your products suitable for worldwide exporting success.

  • Procurement of jointly designed/specified stainless steel sheeting components and/or subassemblies made at reasonable prices by local or foreign suppliers. Thus, among others we have well established connections to respectable manufacturers in main land China who strictly adhere to European quality standards.

  • By a cooperation we have access to the biggest German database for specialists and executives. Thus, we shall precisely find the highly qualified manpower you are looking for.

We utilise modern software for 2D and 3D design, for graphical solutions as well as for effective project control.
It would be our pleasure to accompany you from the first product idea right up to it's market introduction.

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